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Alice in Wonderland Costume for the Haunt

Hi I'm Gina and I make costumes.

Project Title: Alice in Wonderland
Short Project Description: Peasant Shirt, Corset thing, Skirts and apron for our Haunted House.
Projected Deadline: This weekend but it is finished
Pattern(s) Used: Simplicity 2547, apron - 4015 (Why try to reinvent the wheel?
Materials needed: Blue Broadcloth, White Broad cloth, white tulle, eyelets, snaps, ribbon, lace, elastic, and a little red and black for appliques.
Challenges or obstacles: Was very challenging but the first costume I've made that I didn't need to do a mockup in advance to get any technique down. The costume is simple - even with all the parts to it. It took only 3 days from cut to finish.

Alice in Wonderland 1

Alice in Wonderland 2


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