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Connooga and Website Revamped

Connooga was a great success. I made a lot of new contacts and friends and even had to field some questions, the main one being, why aren't you going to Dragon Con. That was the best compliment I could have ever received.

Our website has received a much needed overhaul so please check it out www.jaylabeta.com. There are now several pages to the one and, hopefully, my crack IT team (i.e. my husband) will be able to get up some con pics and what have you.

We do have an artist's table for MTAC. Additionally I am going to start working on the Kaylee jackets (the mandarin shirt/jacket she wears in the pilot when she meets Shepard Book) in a variety of colors after Nashville. I will probably have one or two to take with me.

Additionally, JBICE plans to start offering Steampunk creations in the coming year. I have a collared vest which can work in at least three areas, Victorian Butcher Barber, Simon from Firefly, and most Steampunk adventures. I am also adapting a coat for Dr. Horrible which should lend itself to a variety of areas.

So keep an eye out.

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    By the end of this year I will have mastered this: Lolita

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