Alice in Wonderland Costume for the Haunt

Hi I'm Gina and I make costumes.

Project Title: Alice in Wonderland
Short Project Description: Peasant Shirt, Corset thing, Skirts and apron for our Haunted House.
Projected Deadline: This weekend but it is finished
Pattern(s) Used: Simplicity 2547, apron - 4015 (Why try to reinvent the wheel?
Materials needed: Blue Broadcloth, White Broad cloth, white tulle, eyelets, snaps, ribbon, lace, elastic, and a little red and black for appliques.
Challenges or obstacles: Was very challenging but the first costume I've made that I didn't need to do a mockup in advance to get any technique down. The costume is simple - even with all the parts to it. It took only 3 days from cut to finish.

Alice in Wonderland 1

Alice in Wonderland 2

Red Safari Coat

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This is a red safari jacket I finished for a customer. Although this customer wants to go as Wonderman, I thought the jacket lends itself to steampunk especially in different colors. I thought it turned out well for it being a first attempt. I'm planning on an Alan Quartermain for my husband.

I'd appreciate  any and all comments.


Sewing Size Chart

For those of you who may find it a bit confusing moving from the ready made clothes world of the mall to the do-it-yourself world of the sewing table, let me give you some advice about the sizing process.

Accurately measure yourself. You cannot go on size on a pattern.

Here's what I mean:

A size 12 in the stores would be a size 18 (roughly) on a Simplicity pattern. The others, like store clothing, are close to the same parameters. Don't be dismayed. Clothing in stores have changed as the human body has changed with better nutrition and healthcare from previous decades. Patterns are standardized on whenever the company started, probably close to a century old. But if you plan to sew for yourself, you should know the difference. Men's patterns (if you can find them) are usually based on waist size though their S-XL tends to be more generous than their female counterparts.

So here it is:

Sizing Comparison
Of course there are variances within the sizes if you have ever read the back of a pattern envelope but this is a good place to start and might make it easier to either go for the right size right off the bat or realize that you might have to look elsewhere. Anyways, I hope this might be a help to anyone wanting to make their own clothing or costumes.
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Steampunk Most Wanted

Good morning/afternoon everyone.

My name is Gina Wood and I run Jayla Beta's Intergalactic Costume Emporium.

For this next year, I am going to be focusing on Steampunk clothing and accessories especially for the BBW-BHM crowd and I was wondering if there was anything in particular that you, the experts, felt was missing or lacking in the costuming area. I am new to the scene and, while I have always been a big fan of Victorian era/Jules Verne/H.G. Wells clothing and writing, I still am sorely in need of education particularly to what lovers of Steampunk most like.

My work can be seen at I have been costuming since my wedding 12 years ago but only in the past couple of years worked up enough courage to start offering items for sale, mainly the browncoat from the Firefly/Serenity series.

Thank you for your patience and help.

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Connooga and Website Revamped

Connooga was a great success. I made a lot of new contacts and friends and even had to field some questions, the main one being, why aren't you going to Dragon Con. That was the best compliment I could have ever received.

Our website has received a much needed overhaul so please check it out There are now several pages to the one and, hopefully, my crack IT team (i.e. my husband) will be able to get up some con pics and what have you.

We do have an artist's table for MTAC. Additionally I am going to start working on the Kaylee jackets (the mandarin shirt/jacket she wears in the pilot when she meets Shepard Book) in a variety of colors after Nashville. I will probably have one or two to take with me.

Additionally, JBICE plans to start offering Steampunk creations in the coming year. I have a collared vest which can work in at least three areas, Victorian Butcher Barber, Simon from Firefly, and most Steampunk adventures. I am also adapting a coat for Dr. Horrible which should lend itself to a variety of areas.

So keep an eye out.

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 Tomorrow I have a six month four vessel (I forget the name of the actual test) to check the stint in the vessel of my neck. As no news is good news, I suspect I'm fine and this will justify my getting off the plavix. But, again, that is up to the doctor.

I am having, literally, pains in the neck. To be precise, soreness in the neck/shoulder area where I haven't had it yet. Believe it or not, this is good news. It means the nerve is tracking through that area and I will get feeling back before movement. It is in an area I am not able to move my arm past at this time but feeling in the other areas, soreness, pain, etc. preceded movement. I'm so happy I could cry. I know I will be moving my arm fully by the end of the year. Hopefully I will be moving it by my birthday.

Work, as always, goes slow but it goes. back at it makes me feel much more normal. I got horrid flea bites last Wednesday at my sewing lesson but I think I learned enough that I'm not going back until the problem is indeed taken care of or the weather is freezing, whichever comes first. I'm too advanced for the simple sewing class that this is but I did get several pattern alteration questions answered. It was what I thought but, since I tend to take the wrong things literally, I thought it best to check.

Today I tackle another pattern. I have sewn very little since getting back into the saddle but I'm catching up on the patterns so I'll be ahead once late August rolls around. That will be exactly 6 months until Connooga and I think it will be a good time to start gearing up. Of course I have three little elves that will help me until my heart's content with preparation, but I won't really feel healed until I tackle something challenging alone, like a mandarin jacket in brocade. Just stamp glutton for punishment on my forehead.

All's well here otherwise. Keep cool!

Is That Baby Lotion I Smell?

About every two or three minutes I start thinking, “What is that strange smell?”


It’s the baby lotion on the wound on the back of my neck.


All right everyone, time for a medical update. I had three, yes, three doctor’s appointments this week, two yesterday and one today. In addition, last week I got one of my two broken teeth fixed by the dentist. I have to see an endodontist before the dentist will work with the sheered off tooth. I have enough tooth to cover the gum and it honestly doesn’t hurt. But a root test is necessary.


My osteopathic doctor says my alignment in my neck looks wonderful. He was also duly impressed with the progress of my arm as I am getting more and more movement back in it everyday. For those just tuning in, the broken C5 somehow hurt the nerve in that area that controls the function in my right arm. I have firing in my bicep at a 3/5 rating (it was 0 when we started) and, with the collar off permanently now, I can have my shoulder worked properly. My prognosis is very hopeful. The word phenomenal was bandied about as even beginning to heal from this injury would take longer. What can I say, I’m a hard worker.


I still have a long road ahead. I can’t say for certain how long it will take before I regain the full motion of my arm. Driving remains off limits, which is cool, for me it’s mostly a spectator sport anyways. I can still write and sew beautiful things so my life is pretty much back to some area of normal. To my knowledge, it can take up to a year to regain all use and even then it may not be 100%. But honestly, I can live with almost.


For those keeping track, I will always have a broken neck as a piece of my C5 is now missing. The doctor and his team did an incredible job of fixing me. I have little or no pain and I am, as I said, well on track to recovery. I don’t feel broken. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. I still feel like a whole person. Honestly, I’m more pissed about the scars on my right arm than I am the back of my neck. I never look at the back of my neck.


Additionally, I don’t depress easily. I anger probably way too quickly but being sad or down isn’t really part of my personality makeup. So if I don’t seem as down as I should be about this experience, I’m not. So if you talk to me and I seem happy, I am and looking forward as my darkest days are behind me. My glasses aren’t rose colored, just a very nice pink. And they weren’t broken in the crash.


Okay, my neurologist is happy with my progress. She assures me my occasional dizzy spells are perfectly natural for someone who was concussed. Considering a tree fell on us with only a thin sheet of metal for protection, I am indeed fortunate to still have most of my cards in the deck. Let’s face it, the ones that were gone were lost years before the wreck. We all know it.


Finally, I am done with wound therapy save a final checkup in two weeks. My neck wound is healing beautifully and, again, the word phenomenal was bandied about. One of the nurses suggested the baby lotion to add in the healing, hence the smell haunting me. I think it will help a lot with the final stage.


So, what have I taken away with me in this experience? I have to be who I am to be happy. Who I truly am is what got me through this experience. There is nothing life can throw at me that can make me flinch now. The odds of something like this happening are so astronomical that I know I have to go out and grab life and live it. A cocoon isn’t a safe place. Fluttering through the air helps one to survive. There is very little to fear now.

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